Does this Coronavirus Chart Illustrate the Power of Prayer

    I hope all of you are safe. If any of you are suffering, please reach out to someone who can help you. If you're not sure who to turn to, feel free to message me. Also those who are thriving during this hardship, please help those who can't help themselves.

     Over the past month, the USA experienced a dip in the number of coronvirus-related deaths every single Sunday. As a spiritual person, I can't help but to see a correlation. Each Sunday, believers pray together. We listen to sermons and testimonials. We haven't done this as efficiently as of late but have managed to do so, virtually, using Facebook Live, Zoom and other tools. However, we don't keep it up as much Monday through Saturday in the US.

     Here's a screenshot of the Coronavirus deaths in the USA as of 4/28/2020. The chart comes from (

     Above, you can see how coronavirus-related deaths climbed from late March throughout the month of April. Notice the valleys. Most of those valleys occur on Sundays. Here's a closer look:

     Each Sunday tells a unique story. Early in the pandemic crisis we should have seen numbers climb on May 29th but somehow there was a dip. The following Sunday doesn't seem to show a great difference but look at the disparity that occurred afterward. The number of deaths spiked two days later. Coming into Easter weekend, the number of deaths declined then spiked again on Tuesday. On the 19th, in what appears to be the height of the pandemic thus far, there was a lower amount of coronavirus related deaths than Easter weekend. Then on Tuesday it spiked again. Now look at the most recent Sunday, the 26th, another massive drop in the number of coronavirus related deaths and it again spiked on Tuesday.

     The way things are trending, we should see another decline this coming Sunday and possibly another spike on next Tuesday. But what if we prayed more together. Could we suppress this virus even more? What about the placebo effect? Mind over matter?
     I propose that we all pray together in virtual rooms, or where ever we can, every day. Read devotionals, reflect on scriptures, give testimonials and pray. If we do this and the cases of Coronavirus deaths continue to be suppressed, the Father will be glorified and we may be freed and galvanize in this great nation under God.

     God bless each and every one of you.