Meet Characters from Infernal Fall

The Three Travelers: illustrated by Joseph O'Geary
Based on characters from Infernal Fall written by Bryan Mitchell

Meet some important characters from Infernal Fall. They've been drawn by my cousin Joseph Ogeary, who is writing and illustrating his graphic novel which may be released in 2021. I'll be sure to let you know. My Newsletter Subscribers will get to see more of his illustrations that are based on Infernal Fall in upcoming issues. If you want to sign up, it's easy to do. Just enter your name and email at the right side of this page.
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As the literary agent submits Infernal Fall to publishers, I'll be getting you guys ready for the release date. The goal is to have the novel available for public consumption within 12 months. So for now, let's say the novel will come out April 1st, 2021. Please do not place wages on that date. It could come out later but we really believe that an earlier release is feasible.