Infernal Fall

Infernal Fall is complete! Here's a teaser:

     On Grandfather Mountain, Daniel finds a dead tree rising from a barren ledge. A crack runs down it, and it widens to the size of a door. Curious, Daniel leaves the trail and enters this crevice. In it, he finds a stone that glows in his grip. It burns him. He drops it and a sinkhole sucks him in.

     At the edge of Limbo, Heartless Charles waits for the single soul to enter. It’s a mundane task he loathes. He'll take them to the judge who will sentence the soul to one of nine hells. But when he find that the one who fell is still alive, he seeks to achieve the power he deserves by taking the undead man to the deepest region of Hell.

     Beau, a shadow spirit, enters after Daniel hoping to save him. But Daniel doesn't realize where he is and refuses to follow Beau up a burning mountain. Beau is left with no choice but to follow Daniel and Heartless Charles past the Town of Greyton, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and to the lowest point in HellTreachery.