Infernal Fall

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     On top of Grandfather Mountain, Daniel proposes marriage to Kristine. When she storms off, he chases her. Along the path, they endure a critical argument and make amends. But Daniel glances uphill and finds a dead tree rising from a barren ledge. A crack runs down this ledge and widens to the size of a door. Curious, Daniel leaves the trail and enters this crevice. In it, he finds a stone that glows in his grip. It burns him. He drops it and a sinkhole emerges. He falls expecting to die.

     At the edge of Limbo, Heartless Charles harvests souls and takes them to be sentenced to one of nine Hells. It’s a mundane task he loathes. When he discovers Daniel alive, he knows he could achieve the power he deserves by taking the undead man to the deepest region of Hell. The journey would most likely kill the man. He nearly abandons the idea until another idiosyncrasy occurs.

     Beau, a shadow spirit, enters Hell and can keep Daniel alive. He won’t help Charles and plans to take Daniel back to earth. But Daniel refuses to follow Beau up a burning mountain. Beau is left with no choice but to follow Daniel and Heartless Charles past the Town of Greyton—Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Treachery.